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For seasoned ravers or those select few who know their UK rave history, you already know about Dreamscape. It is the iconic name that represents the transitional period between free parties and organised raves. Dreamscape put on some of the most idolised and admired events across the UK during the 90’s. One very notable reason for the organisations' success was its tight and highly devoted crew - with the very much loved and admired figurehead of the organisation - Murray Beetson leading the way. The love for the rave scene shone through with their experimentation of genre and constant need to push the event in seemingly impossible ways - one such example being Dreamscape 20 ‘The Big Outdoors’ which blended a festival vibe with the already heavily beating heart of the rave scene, with fire breathers, circus acts and the Kiss my Axe crew, who would ride around the venue on motorbikes, juggling with chainsaws and axes. 

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