[Lost tapes // Tape pack 1]

'Lost tapes // Tape pack 1' - is our newest capsule. we aim to celebrate a small collection of the UK's notoriously nostalgic raves in each 'tape pack' by re-imagining the original designs. 

visit the archive to learn what makes these events great with a brief history behind each design.




POLONRG is a brand focusing on the under-rated and lost culture of current and previous generations. Our goal is to shine a light on the memories and experiences that may have withered over time. As POLONRG grew as a brand - we opened an independent online store. enabling us to branch out and enabling you to explore our projects and designs. ​We are striving to hit as wide an audience as possible – the idea is that whatever personal streetwear style you have, we will have something for you.


UK Streetwear

'Streetwear' as a term is vague - this is because of its continually changing and evolutionary nature. We want this to be reflected in our ranges. We want our wearer to showcase a piece of work that expresses a sub-culture or interest that might even arise a conversation with another individual with the same interest. Streetwear shouldn't make you part of the clique or fit you into a trend it should be a tool to expand what you’re feeling and who you are, you know what your passionate about, so show everyone else.

Music Art & Fashion 

We stock currently just stock our POLONRG collections of Graphic T-shirts - but our eventual goal is to create a platform for our independent brand that also incorporates a place for Bristols artists, musicians and other creative individuals to showcase their products or skills. We want to do something that goes beyond conventional t-shirt or hoodie styles that are associated with streetwear. We want to involve and showcase all walks of life.

Innovative Designs

POLONRG is a streetwear supplier, delivering you designs influenced primarily by British history and fashion. As a brand, we have built a portfolio showcasing an array of designs all with a unique style. Taking a more personal influence from Our home city of Bristol, and predominantly the prolific and varied music scene.